St.Matthew's Episcopal Cathedral

In Christ, we grow in faith, respond through action, and embrace all people. 

Worship at St. Matthew's

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We invite you to join us in the Sanctuary for in-person or online worship every Sunday at 9:30 AM. 


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Sunday Bulletin


7:15 AM Holy Eucharist (in person) St. Matthew's Cathedral in the Chapel


9:30 AM Eucharistic Service (in-person and streamed live here)


Come and walk our Labyrinth! 

In the Summer of 2021, St. Matthew’s Cathedral installed a full-size Chartres Cathedral replica labyrinth on the Cathedral Close (4th and Ivinson). After many days of labor and years of planning- the labyrinth is now open to the public!

What is a Labyrinth?

To enter a temple constructed wholly of invariable geometric proportions is to enter an abode of eternal truth.

A single path, the labyrinth is a purposeful walk in one direction; no thinking needed. One can sink into it, spiraling the circular path and winding clockwise toward the center, and unwinding counterclockwise outward toward the world. Labyrinths are experienced as having their own special energy and transforming properties. It is said that they embody a sacred geometry that reawakens the brain’s right hemisphere, thereby restoring a balance that many of us have not experienced:

The labyrinth is a model of spiritual cosmology that is quite unrecognizable to the modern mentality since its understanding disappeared after the acceptance of Descartes’ worldview and the split of the mind/body/spirit.