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Chimes Newsletter- November 2022

Pastor's Pen w/ Pastor Jami  Who are we? We are the Cathedral church for the Diocese of Wyoming. We are the Bishop’s church, sometimes called the Bishop’s seat. We are the “beacon on the hill” for the state – a place of glorious worship, of innovative programs and music, interesting experiences and welcome for all. We are the hub for Diocesan worship events. Who are we? We are a people who know our faith must be lived in our lives. We put our faith into action through many ministries, committees, and groups. So that all may know what we offer here, a directory titled, “Here I Am Lord” will be given to each person or household in a couple of weeks. The cost for this project is a gift from an anonymous donor and is meant to let us all know where we might participate and give ideas for how each of us might join in the life in this church. It does not include the ministries of individuals who garden, mow, visit, pray, make phone calls, share food, or quietly share of themselves to enrich this community.

Who are we? It might be hard to know these days. We are new faces, faces from the past few years, faces we might not recognize. We are a growing group of people whose names we don’t always remember or know. It is time for some sort of photo directory to help us connect names with faces. There are ideas of how to create this directory but no one or two persons to take on the project. Perhaps you’d like to help? Who are we? At the very core of our being we are sacred, divine, blessed – a people of God’s creation. We are witnesses of Christ’s love and presence. We are neighbors, friends, evangelists, and caregivers of all that is created. We are interesting, exciting, valuable, and worthy to be a part of the life at St. Matthew’s Cathedral and the life of the world. We are. Amen Thanks be to God. -Dean Jami

Meet Joseph M. Roybal, Sexton of St. Matthew's Cathedral  About me: I am 59 years old, and I have lived in Laramie for 52 years. I come from a big and loving family. I try not to do much! I love playing board games and watching sports and spending most of my time with my wife, Sharon. She is the world to me, so I prefer to be with her. Sounds kind of boring, but I love it. My duties: I throw away trash, vacuum rooms and hallways, dust, clean restrooms of the ground floor, 1st floor, and 2nd floor of Hunter Hall. I sweep the stairs, mop and wax the floors and clean window blinds. In the Cathedral I clean the rest room and dust and throw away trash on a daily basis. At the end of my shift, I walk around and pick up trash outside. I also clean the restroom at the Soup Kitchen every Tuesday and Thursday. I love working here at St. Matthew’s Cathedral and could not ask for a better job.

Forum Schedule ​Join us in the undercroft (downstairs at the Cathedral) at 9am on Sunday mornings for the Forum! These forums will focus on Christian education and spiritual formation and will include a diverse array of topics, speakers, and activities. The Forum ends at 9:45, so that we can make our way to Holy Eucharist at 10am in the Cathedral. Doughnuts and coffee will be provided! Nov 6: Dr. Paul Flesher: Excavation of the Synagogue from Jesus times. Nov 13: No Forum Nov 20: Celtic Christianity Nov 27: Living Compass Advent Study

Celebration! We are just a few days away from gathering together to celebrate our lives at St. Matthew's Cathedral. I thank all of you that have let us know your intention to join us on November 13th. If you haven't yet, please do so right away. You can mail the invitation card, or email the office at, or call the office at 307-742-6608. If you are going to attend, you will receive your promise (pledge) card at church. If you are not able to attend, we will send you a card or you can pick one up in the office.

Potlucks We are reviving our St. Matthew's family potluck tradition, with the hopes of creating community over good food! Every second Thursday, we will be having POTLUCKS for all comers. These potlucks will be held at the Canterbury House (110 S. 9th Street) beginning at 5:45 pm. Bring your favorite potluck dish as we gather to offer radical hospitality as we get to know one another better. Coffee, tea, and water will be provided. Don't forget that parking can be challenging around Canterbury; communicate with each other ahead of time if you need a ride or are willing to caravan or offer rides. April French is looking to recruit team members to assist with this and future potlucks. Please contact her at or 303-249-3752 if you are interested in helping! Upcoming dates: November 10, December 8, January 12, and February 9

Concert Series The concerts are always at 3:00 pm and free of charge. Everyone is welcome especially children or young people that would like to know more about pipe organs. The concerts last about 90 mins. Players are anyone that would like to play for the gathering, contact Punch Williamson at (307) 761-3889

Nov 20th - St. Matthews Cathedral Dec 16th - Concert Hall Buchman Center Sing along

November Sunday School 2022 We are starting year 3 of Weaving God’s Promises: Weaving God’s Beloved Community. November lessons: November 6 God’s Ten Commandments for Holy Living November 13 Hannah and Samuel November 20 David and his Friends November 27 Elijah is Fed

On the last Sunday of this month, we will do Thanksgiving crafts. When a fifth Sunday occurs in a month during the Sunday School Year we will participate in the service in the Cathedral. *For more information, please contact the church office at 307-742-6608.

The Cottage needs your help in sorting clothing and getting the back room organized. The Cottage fulfills an incredible need for our community- so this is your chance to come and serve in this important ministry. Please contact Clothing Cottage director Sunny Dilts at Sunny (307) 745-0625. Coffee Hour also needs volunteers! We need people to help set-up for coffee hour and to offer "radical hospitality" to everyone who comes to enjoy coffee, tea, snacks, and fellowship.

f you are interested in helping serve, please contact Cathy Kintner at (908) 619-4480

Annual Canterbury Thanksgiving Dinner on Thursday, November 24th All are welcome to join Jordan Bishop and family for a Thanksgiving meal at Canterbury House (110 S. 9th St.) on November 24th. Come for fellowship and appetizers at noon, we will serve dinner at 1:00pm. All are welcome to come and share a dish, or with just an empty stomach! The turkey will be provided. We look forward to celebrating with you! Please RSVP to Jordan Bishop at 307-761-3454 or

The community is invited to join us at Canterbury Fellowship on Tuesday nights at 6pm.

A Message from your Treasurer We are nearing the end of the year, and the holidays will soon be upon us! Between now and the end of the year would be a great time to check what you pledged at the beginning of the year and where your pledge now stands. If you need to catch up, please do that so that our records for 2022 are complete. If you are not sure, please call Adrianne at the office (307) 742-6608 and she will be glad to share your record with you. The members of the Vestry are extremely grateful for all the parishioners support of St. Matthew’s. God Bless and a sincere thank you! -Cathy Kintner

Calling Volunteers We are looking for volunteers to operate the sound booth. Anyone interested please contact Punch Williamson at 307-761-3889

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