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October Chimes Newsletter 2022

In this month’s issue:

  • The Pastor's Pen by Dean Jami Anderson

  • The Forum's October Schedule

  • Sunday School October Update

  • The Cathedral Choristers Return!

  • St. Matt's Potlucks to start Oct 13th

  • October Lay Ministry Schedule

  • Volunteers Needed for Clothing Cottage, Coffee Hour

  • Canterbury Corner

The Pastor's Pen

“Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come: the old has gone, the new is here” 2 Corinthians 5:17 Oh man, what a month for the St. Matthew’s Cathedral community. Talk about a lot of new! Let’s start with personnel – we have a new manager of Clothing Cottage: Sunny Dilts, a fairly new Junior Warden: Dave Bray, a new treasurer: Cathy Kintner, a new Parish Administrator: Adriane Giesek, a new sexton: Joe Roybal, a new Music Director: Erin Paiva, and a new Interim Dean: myself – Jami Anderson. That’s a lot of new! All of these changes come with abundant potential for a variety of gifts to be shared amongst us. It is exciting and a bit overwhelming. And one question in some minds might be what could happen to your revered St. Matthew traditions that are unknown to us new folks? The answer to that depends on all of us continuing to share our talents and wisdom for the good of the whole community. Each of us newbies are willing and able to listen to ideas, suggestions, stories and treasured memories. And each of you “non-newbies” can continue to wait with pleasant anticipation for what might spring forth from our gifts and talents that are now in your midst. That means some growing and stretching pains are inevitable. Yet what grace I have experienced from this community in offering welcome and assistance; in volunteering to help, to teach, to take hold and do the work that needs to be done. You are a marvelous and strong group living together as the church. For besides all of us new people – we are starting and polishing and reinvigorating a host of ministries, committees and activities at St. Matthew’s. If you have paid attention to the Weekly Update emails, or the bulletin announcements, or the Chimes – there is a lot going on and a lot of invitations being extended to find new ways to share yourself at St. Matthew’s. Join in with something new or support us with your prayers and Spirit. Together, in Christ, we are a new creation! Alleluia, Amen. -Pastor Jami

The Cathedral Choristers Return! The Cathedral Choristers have returned to making beautiful music in worship! The adult choir has sung in Sunday services twice in the month of September, the first of which was on September 11th in celebration of Dean Jami's arrival. We currently have 12 members but would love to welcome more! We are especially seeking Bass & Tenor voices, but anyone who loves to sing and is interested should contact Erin Paiva for details.

We rehearse each Wednesday evening from 6:00-7:30pm, and we will sing in Sunday services twice per month, with additional services planned throughout the year for holidays, evensong, and more. Musically yours, Erin (920) 470-4977"

October Forum Schedule ​Join us in the undercroft (downstairs at the Cathedral) at 9am on Sunday mornings for the Forum! These forums will focus on Christian education and spiritual formation and will include a diverse array of topics, speakers, and activities. The Forum ends at 9:45, so that we can make our way to Holy Eucharist at 10am in the Cathedral. Doughnuts and coffee will be provided! October 2nd- Sacred Bundle For the first two Adult Forums in October, the focus will be on the Native American idea of a Sacred Bundle. Used by nomadic tribes the bundle contained a small number of items which could be easily carried and was used to remind the tribe or clan of its history, core values, and vision for the future. Members of St. Matthew's are invited to bring one item to the Forum that visually reminds them of our St. Matthew's and our identity, vision and mission.

As you consider what item you will bring, ask yourself these questions: Who have we been? In the past what have we done and stood for in the Diocese and in Laramie? Who are we now? What do we do? Where are we headed? What item will help to tell that story. There will be an opportunity to tell about your item and its significance in small groups during the Forum. October 9th- Sacred Bundle - Read description above. October 16th- Br. James Dowd Br. James Dowd will be visiting us from the Benedictine Way & the Benedictine Service Corps in Omaha, Nebraska. Br. James will talk with us about the benefits of monasticism and meditation.

October 23rd- The Via Media

This forum will focus on the history of the English Reformation and its influence on the Episcopal Church in the United States. In particular, we will consider the centrality of the via media — or “middle way” between religious extremes — in Anglican history and contemporary Episcopal identity.

October 30th- Faith and Politics in American Democracy

As Election Day approaches, we invite reflection on the various ways faith shapes our values and how our values guide political engagement during the Adult Forum. This conversation is not so much about how you vote as it is what matters to you when (or if) you do. Within this context, we also will consider the historical relationship between religion and politics in the United States and examine our own understandings of what we think the proper relationship is or should be in our society today.

November 13th Celebration A number of announcements have been made about the upcoming celebration on November 13 and the importance of the members and friends of St. Matthew's to attend. While it has been the intention of the Stewardship Committee to build anticipation for the celebration without providing many details, it has come to our attention that more information would be welcomed by some. Between now and November 13 we will have an opportunity to consider what our belonging to St. Matthew's means to us and how we plan to support the Cathedral through our gifts of time, talent and treasure. At the conclusion of our regular 10:00 service on November 13, the congregation will be asked to give an estimate of their financial support for next year. Then we will celebrate together at a festive catered brunch.  This will be this year's culminating stewardship event to gratefully celebrate God's love, provision, and desires for this wonderful ICathedral where we belong,

St. Matt's Potlucks to start Oct 13th! We are reviving our St. Matthew's family potluck tradition, with the hopes of creating community over good food! Every second Thursday, starting on October 13, we will be having POTLUCKS for all comers. These potlucks will be held at the Canterbury House (110 S. 9th Street) beginning at 5:45 pm. Bring your favorite potluck dish and your community spirit, as we gather to offer radical hospitality as we get to know one another better. Coffee, tea, and water will be provided. On some of these dates, we will be offering brief talks on saints or the Christian calendar. On October 13, we will learn about St. Teresa of Avila! Don't forget that parking can be challenging around Canterbury; communicate with each other ahead of time if you need a ride or are willing to caravan or offer rides. If you are passionate about building community around good food as part of a "Potluck Hospitality Committee," please contact April French at or 303-249-3752. Upcoming dates: October 13, November 10, December 8, January 12, and February 9

October Sunday School 2022 We are starting year 3 of Weaving God’s Promises: Weaving God’s Beloved Community. October lessons: October 2 God Begins a New World with Noah. October 9 Abraham Entertains Angels. October 16 Jacob and Esau Make Peace, Not War. October 23 God Frees His People. October 30 The children will attend the adult service this Sunday. When a fifth Sunday occurs in a month during the Sunday School Year we will participate in the service in the Cathedral. For more information, please contact the church office at 307-742-6608.

We need your help!  Volunteers are needed for the Cottage and to help with Coffee Hour. The Cottage needs your help in sorting clothing and getting the back room organized. The Cottage fulfills an incredible need for our community- so this is your chance to come and serve in this important ministry. Please contact Clothing Cottage director Sunny Dilts at Sunny (307)745-0625. Coffee Hour also needs volunteers! We need people to help set-up for coffee hour and to offer "radical hospitality" to everyone who comes to enjoy coffee, tea, snacks, and fellowship. If you are interested in helping serve please contact Cathy Kintner at 90-619-4480

Canterbury Corner What a wonderfully busy month! In September, Canterbury had our annual Burning of the Prayer Fence Ribbons, hosted a concert at UW about the Climate Crisis, learned and practiced meditation with Leslie Waggoner, studied scripture, hosted a voter registration event on campus, and had our first Eucharist with Dean Jami. Whew! On October 6th, Jordan and members of Canterbury Fellowship will drive up to Cody, Wyoming for the annual convention. John DeWitt Walsh will be Canterbury's delegate. All are excited to experience the convention, to meet others from around the state, and to hear from John Phillip Newell. Please pray for safe travels for the Canterbury team as we take this journey. The community is invited to join us at Canterbury Fellowship on Tuesday nights at 6pm.

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