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Vestry Update Sept 21, 2022

Your St. Matthew’s Vestry met for their monthly meeting on September 19th. Dean Anderson provided the opening prayer with business to follow. Under the Dean’s Report, she thanked St. Matthew’s for their gracious welcome. She appreciates the well-functioning committees and looks forward to seeing more volunteers joining the various ministries.

It was reported that the final amount for Fr. Brian’s and Julie’s “vacation fund” totaled $3,125. The Guthrie Foundation grant proposal we submitted for help in paying for the Third Street and University St walls is still under consideration. Work on the wall will be conducted on October 1, so parking will be eliminated during the work in the main section of the lot.

The parish finances for the month ending August 31, stand in the black by $60,000. It was noted that this is due to the help from the Diocese and the first $50,000 distribution of the Utterback Trust for Spiritual Music. Discussion ensued that this is an optimistic report, but the coming year will look much different, as finances are still a major concern.

New staffing was confirmed, with the hiring of a Parish Administrator, Seton, Choir Director, and UW Liaison for Music. The Cathedral Choir will continue to participate every other week, with the hope of adding special music in the off weeks.

Beginning October 13th, themed potlucks will be held every 2nd Thursday of the month at 5:45 at Canterbury.

The group voted to use ConstantContact for our email platform, which provides flexibility in layout and design. Flock Notes has not been used in quite some time, so that will be eliminated in order to save financially.

The organization of the Clothing Cottage, the manager’s salary and Vestry liaison was discussed. Currently, the Cottage is under the direction of the Vestry. Cathy Kintner will continue to be the liaison and extended discussion will follow at future meetings. Vestry liaison for the Soup Kitchen will be shared by Dave Bray for buildings and grounds-related items and Rosemary Bratton for operations. Dean Anderson is a member of the Soup Kitchen Board. Grant applications for the Clothing Cottage and St. Matthew’s were discussed and further action will follow.

Sunday school teachers are needed and we’re asking for volunteers to fill those vacancies. Approval was given to purchase a replacement for the aging laptop used in the Dean’s Office.

The Vestry formally thanked Seth for his many years of service as our Sexton, and wished him the best at this new job.

If you have any questions, feel free to your vestry!

Robbie Darnall, Sr. Warden

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