Prayer List
Prayer List.png

Praying for others and having prayers said for you is very powerful.  Oftentimes we want to ask folks to pray for us or for others and are not sure how to do that. If you or someone you know is in need of prayer, please email or call Nancy in the office and they will be included on the Wednesday update.   It is very important that you ask permission of those you want included as not everyone wants their needs made public.  If you or someone else would like prayers but do not want to be included in this update, please also let us know and we will have our prayer team pray in confidence.

Please pray for: Mary, Kris, Sharlene, Shirley, Tammy, Roland, Lina. Alene, Henry, Ron, Ray, Leslie, Ann and ________________

To include individuals on the Prayer List please contact Nancy on the Cathedral Office at:  (307) 742-6608