Liturgical ministry is an excellent opportunity to fulfill your baptismal call of service to one another. Our liturgies should utilize the talents and gifts that God has given this community to the fullest extent. Our servers assist the clergy as crucifers, torch bearers, thurifers, and acolytes. Whether participation is through behind the scenes preparation and planning or through a public role of service, parishioner contributions help our liturgies to be truly life-giving celebrations.


The first consideration is to understand the difference between reading in Church during a Church service and other types of reading. During the liturgy, the reader is fulfilling a mission to his or her fellow community members. It is a sacred duty that involves a sharing of one's own faith. This does not mean that a reading should be stiff or formal, but rather the realization that we are continuing Jesus's mission of sharing the Word with God's people. It is something special and requires adequate preparation.

Please speak with Dean Gross if you are interested in either of these ministries.