Adult Education at St. Matthew's

The mission of Adult Education at St. Matthew's is to provide opportunities for spiritual and intellectual growth. We offer Bible studies, book clubs, Education for Ministry, and host programs promoting Christian and spiritual formation. We welcome suggestions from the parish for programs or studies.


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We invite you to join us for Sunday adult educational forums at St. Matthew's Cathedral at 9am. We will meet in the undercorft (downstairs at the Cathedral) and end at 9:45, so that we can make our way to Holy Eucharist at 10am in the Cathedral. 

These forums will focus on Christian education and spiritual formation, and will include a diverse array of topics, speakers, and activities. 


Forum Schedule:

September 25th- Poems from our Community from the Stewardship Poetry Project 

October 2nd- St. Matthew's Sacred Bundle Project 

October 9th -St. Matthew's Sacred Bundle Project 

October 16th - Br. James Dowd will be visiting us from the Benedictine Way & the Benedictine Service Corps in Omaha, Nebraska. Br. James will talk with us about the joys and struggles of monasticism and meditation. ​

If you would like more information about our Adult Education programs, please telephone the cathedral or be in touch with our Parish Administrator at email: