Adult Education at St. Matthew's

The missions of Adult Education at St. Matthew's is to provide opportunities for spiritual and intellectual growth. We often offer bible studies, book clubs, Education for Ministry, and sponsoring programs promoting fellowship and spiritual knowledge. We welcome and are open to suggestions from the parish for future programs or studies.


Contact: Johanna Leuchter     507-279-4345


Registration is now open and I hope all will register who will join us this year by Thursday September 2, 2021 so we can receive our books.

I am not sure yet when we will start for two reasons: 1) when will we receive our books?  2) There are some IT/AV issues which I need to work out.  Our group will be hybrid – some of us will attend in person, and some of us will only attend remotely via zoom.

EfM (Education for Ministry) is a program that helps to engender a more educated and thoughtful laity.  We get to know each other, worship and pray together, learn about our tradition, discern where and how we are called to serve, and we do Theological Reflection (TR) together.  TR as done in EfM creates a conversation among 4 different aspects of lives and we see what insights, implications, questions, and actions arise on the basis of the conversation.  The 4 aspects of our lives we discuss together are 1) Tradition – this includes scripture, hymns, pilgrimage, stained glass windows, saints, and so on; 2) Culture – what does our culture say about something?  What would your grandmother say? 3) Action – how do we act? And 4) Position – these are our values, opinions, and beliefs.  EfM is a growthful experience for all participants.  If you would like to learn more about EfM, get in touch with me


Zoom Reading Group

Contact: Johanna Leuchter     507-279-4345

We meet Thursday evenings at 7p.

New Book  I anticipate we will start in the shelter by padraig o tuama and discuss the “Forward”, “Hello to the World”, and the first chapter, “Hello to here” in late September, 2021, or early October. 


This book is “an unforgettable memoir of peace and reconciliation, Celtic spirituality, belonging, and sexual identity.” 


Contact Johanna if you want to join in the discussion of this book.  Also if you need a copy of this book, let Johanna know.