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The Vestry at St. Matthew's 

The vestry is the governing body of St. Matthew's Episcopal Cathedral. It is responsible to the members of the parish for the administration and governance of the parish and for the care and maintenance of our facilities.

It is the duty of the vestry to promote the church to the existing congregation and the parish that surrounds the church as well as the image that is portrayed by the church. Through this promotional program the church will be able to grow and attract new members to the congregation.   The vestry is also responsible for the maintenance of the church property and handles the financial responsibilities of the church. The members will oversee the donations and tithes as well as dispersing funds to programs ran by the church. The taxes, utilities, payroll and other financial responsibilities are also approved and paid out by the members of the episcopal vestry. Finally, the vestry members have the duty to identify individuals who can fill open positions at the church and for providing training and guidance to those individuals.


Current Vestry Members

Robbie Darnall - Senior Warden

Dave Bray - Junior Warden

Cathy Kintner - Treasurer

Taimi Kuiva

Charlie DeWolf

Tammy Heise

April French

Paul Hesco

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