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Prayers and Squares


Prayers and Squares is a major caring ministry of St. Matthew's Cathedral. Every Tuesday morning a dedicated group of women from around the community representing different churches and faiths gather in Hunter Hall to design, sew and tie quilts. Each quilt has been requested as a unique gift for someone in need of physical, emotional, or spiritual support and comfort. As the quilt is tied, prayers are offered for the intended recipient. 


From its humble beginnings when one quilter felt a need to give a quilt to someone, the ministry blossomed with affiliation in Prayers and Squares International. The official motto of the Association is "Remember its not about the quilt, its all about the prayers." The purpose is not to give away quilts, but to involve as many people as possible in prayer.


Lives are transformed for those offering their gifts and talents for others' benefits, as well as for those who are literally wrapped in prayer (and a quilt).

For information about Prayers and Squares, please contact our cathedral administrator Rosemary at

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