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Period Project

At the end of 2019, a woman named Maggie Land, from Jackson, contacted Dean Brian. "Did you know", she began, "that one in four girls and women in Wyoming and around the nation miss school and work because their families can't afford feminine hygiene products?"  This is admittedly a bold statement to make to a priest that you hardly know. But it got him to thinking. Brian came home to me that night and said to me, "Did you know......"


     I thought and prayed about this, especially since I am the mother of three girls. What about the women and girls in this, the poorest county in Wyoming? What about families that can't even afford food for their tables? What do they do? I started contacting social services agencies that work with low - income women and girls. I asked if there was a need in Laramie. The answer was a resounding "YES !"


     The next step was to go to our vestry. I told them "I'm here tonight to talk to you about...... feminine hygiene products." After the initial shock of this statement wore off, and I started to explain myself, I saw heads begin to nod. Hearts begin to melt.  They gave me the go - ahead to talk to you about my Period Project.


     So this is where you, the good people of St. Matthews, come in. You love one another and the community of Laramie. You love God. And you long to make a difference. What am I asking you to do? FILL THE BASKET!!! While you're shopping around town,pick up some pads and/or tampons. Put them in the marked basket inside the 4th Street entrance to Hunter Hall or the marked box in the sanctuary. For how long? EVERY WEEK!!! This will cost you just a few dollars a week. I want us to do this long term. I want it to become second nature. If you don't want to go shopping for these products yourself, or don't know what to get, you can donate monetarily through Nancy in the office. There are also marked envelopes by the collection basket. I'll go shopping and distribute these products for you.


     Recently the Rev. Chris Mottl graciously agreed to help me with this project. Together we have donated to Interfaith, Love Laramie, Family Promise, the pantry at UW, the Lutheran church's campus closet, and the Downtown Clinic. This is all because of YOU, the members of St. Matthews. We are making a difference. Together we can FILL THE BASKET!!!!!


-Julie Gross

-The Rev. Christine Mottl

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